The Odyssey, Book 9: revision/commentary VIDEOS with COMIX!

If you’re struggling with, or simply interested in, the Odyssey Book 9, hopefully I can shed some light on it in this series of videos. Each one uses the Odyssey comix and Literary device comix, as well as some new little extras to look out for, along with my teachery abilities. It covers the text in a close reading, not a summary, covering each episode of the chapter in detail, exploring the use of narrative, descriptive language, similes, characterisation, and has an in-depth look at the themes of the text and how they are represented in this Book.

I’ve made these with my own GCSE students in mind – they’ll be sitting the first iteration of the Homeric World module, their second OCR GCSE Classical Civilisation exam, next week, and I want them to be even more than prepared!

There are a few other videos on the YouTube page, here, and a growing number of subscribers:

Please have a look, leave a comment, and, if you like, Subscribe! I’m in the process of turning lots of my old comics into useful videos for students (’tis the way of the world now, people) so there will be more!

Jenks x