LAST DAY of the Redbubble SALE… and Greek Myth Chickens?!


It’s the last day of the Redbubble sale where I have my main merch shop – it ends at 11.59pm tonight! The code is


to get..

20% off stickers

25% off tees

30% off magnets and posters

40% off notebooks

and loads more!

or scroll down for inspiration and other awesome Classics-themed shops!

Greek Myth Chickens – Iliad edition

So, over the weekend, this happened:

I’ve made a print of all my Iliad Chickens! You can see it on the site here or get it as a print in the sale here!

Check the sale for these pretty Classics things!

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Hi everyone! I’m a Classics PhD student who looks at whiteness in Classical Reception, so these stickers are a fun play on the traditional sculptures we see in museums today. I made this shop so people can support me during my studies, some extra pocket change never hurt a student.

Flora is a British-born freelance illustrator raised on America’s East coast. She loves to create art inspired by her fields of interest, whether that be archaeological artefacts, myths, or pieces that echo the aesthetics of a time long past. Much like the Romans with their statues, she is a fan of bright and bold colours, and wants to break the convention that archaeology is primarily muted earth-tones.

Salvete lovelies!
Attica from @classicsforplebs here.

Just here to live my dream of plastering my laptop with stickers of Cicero’s face.
I hope you find something you like!