New guest illustration – Dr Cora Beth Knowles’ Art-Nouveau-Classics bookplate and exclusive download!

This guest post features an artist I’m very excited about, for her blending of two of my favourite styles, Art nouveau and inkpen, and detailed, hidden Classical references that make her work so exciting: Dr Cora Beth Knowles.

Dr Cora Beth Knowles

Cora Beth Knowles (@drcorabeth) is a classicist and Associate Lecturer with The Open University. She is also the thoughtful individual behind Comfort Classics, interviews with Classicists about their favourite texts and sources, posted during lockdown to inspire us all! And, on top of all that, she’s an award-winning teacher and accomplished artist and muralist, working in a variety of media as you can see in her portfolio.

She explains her recent work:

‘A long time ago, when I was trying to decide on a university course, I had a choice between Classics and Art. I was advised to do Classics – I was told that there were no jobs and no money in Art…! In the end, I didn’t regret it: Classics isn’t perfect by any means, but I’m happy in my little corner of it. But Art was always The Road Not Taken, so it’s been a real pleasure to take it up again during lockdown. I like to go back to my love of book illustration, particularly in the Art Nouveau style, to create line drawings, panels and bookplates inspired by the myths and literature of the ancient world. For me it’s as much about the process as the product: sitting in the sunshine with my sketchbook and a cup of decent coffee is the highlight of my weekend!’

She blogs at, has a new website for her illustrations at and a shop at Her work takes as its inspiration the words of Classical authors, characters, and her gorgeous little OC, ‘Smol’ the dragon!

If you download, be sure to check out the shop at for some absolutely stunning designs and artwork!