Trojan War Playing Cards Kickstarter: 2 days left – and build your own Trojan Horse! 

Hey everybody,

I’m very pleased to announce that, with two days to go, the order of 100 card packs is fully funded and then some!

 In fact, I’ll be ordering more than 100 packs to be printed, cello-wrapped and put in their own neat little tuck boxes, so if you’d still like a pack, there’s still time to pledge/order a pack before the Kickstarter closes. It’s unlikely I’ll be printing any more after that, and while you’ll still be able to get them at The Game Crafter in the US, it’ll be difficult to get them at a decent price including p+p anywhere else, so get your order in now!

Also popular are the PDF add-ons of the print-your-own Odyssey Comix, the comic book that covers books 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12 as a revision guide, and the print-your-own Trojan War Paper Dolls Playset! The latter includes print-off-and-cut-out paper dolls of all the main characters of the Iliad and wider Trojan War story, as featured on the Trojan War Playing Cards themselves, as well as print-off-cut-out-and-build models of the walls of Troy, the hut of Achilles, the Greek camp…and the Trojan Horse! (This is why it’s not the Iliad Playset any longer – too many horse requests!) All you need to claim either of these is an additional pledge of £4 and an email address afterwards to receive your files!

Even if you don’t want a pack of cards, you can still pledge just £4 and preorder the Trojan War Paper Doll Playset (which is so packed with detail it will be sold after the Kickstarter for £9.99.) choose the lowest pledge tier of £1 and just make your pledge £4, and when the questionnaire comes to you after the campaign ends just state that’s what you’d like and give me an email to send it to. It’s that easy! Plus, any PDF Printables will be emailed to you ASAP after the Kickstarter ends. Nice!

Order now… Homer agrees 😉

Jenks x